A day off at Loong Palace

With no more work to do and only two days left in Guizhou province, today was a day to relax and have fun. Kerun and I visited the waterfall at Huang Guo Shu and later the caves and beautiful walking trails of Loong Palace scenic area- and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day off!

Huang Guo Shu is the most famous waterfall in China, thought to be the widest and most impressive in the country. We made our way through gardens of bonsai trees, bougainvillea and enormous water-sculpted rocks, down to the river and falls. There were a lot of tourists there also enjoying the view- but it was a pretty special one!

Leaving the crowds, we made our way to the far more tranquil Loong Palace caves and park, which were fantastic! The caves were a mix of wet and dry; some we travelled through by boat, some on foot.

The shapes inside were other-worldly and spectacular, lit up in all sorts of zany colours!

Afterwards, as the hot sun lowered in the sky, we followed the walking trails through the forest, past hidden-away temples with giant golden Buddhas, through more caves and forests of bamboo, admiring Guizhou’s gorgeous mountain scenery all the way. It really was so nice to spend time in the peace of the countryside- I’d craved it a bit, to see this side of China, just walking and talking with a new friend, and was so pleased we did it.

There were some repairs going on along one section of the path and I enjoyed this bit of to-the-point Chinese signage!

A really lovely day!

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