A day off in Huaxi

Today I hung out with Kerun and one of my volunteer interpreters, Yivamin: a rest day ahead of my final week here in Guiyang.

We had lunch in the mellow leafy district of Huaxi.

Afterwards we stumbled upon a fantastic street market- apparently an increasingly rare sight these days in Guiyang. With fears about bird flu, and a general desire to ‘clear things up’ and house traders in shops, many markets like this have disappeared. It feels like a shame: this market was all colours, energy and bustle- and I bought a cabbage there for 10p!

Then we visited the nearby Confucius Academy, and learnt more about how deeply Confucian philosophy has influenced Chinese culture for the past 2500 years. We also learnt how to make foodie treats for the Dragon Boat Festival which is happening for the next three days throughout China.

The mountains in Guiyang still amaze me- really distinctive in shape, and jutting out from between the houses and high-rises all over the place.

In the evening, Yiva and I had a bit of a girlie night out- for dinner, a local Guiyang speciality, spicy crab, followed by a trip to the movies. 

It was lovely to see Guiyangers out by night, enjoying the lights and the festival atmosphere, as I went to catch my taxi home.

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