‘wŭ’ or 五 is Chinese for 5, associated in Chinese philosophy with the five elements water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Traditionally, these elements are thought to exist in a mutually restrictive relationship with each other- wood restricting earth, earth restricting water, water restricting fire, fire restricting metal and metal restricting wood. This idea aims to show that everything in the world is connected, that if you affect one thing, you affect everything else.

I’m very attached to the number 5- it’s in my family, and in my name, Quinta. I’m lucky enough to be one of this year’s three British Council/PRS for Music Foundation China musicians-in-residence, a scheme where musicians can live, work, make, and share in a rich environment far from home. I am visiting Guiyang in southwest China during April, May and June of 2017 and this blog is about my adventures.